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Name: Jayne
Sent: 10/24/2013 05:59:57 am

This will probably sound like a cheesy infomercial but here goes:

I slept for 5 hours last night and awoke feeling well rested and ridiculously relaxed and I've no doubt I owe it all to "Cwtch at the Beach".

The original "Cwtch" helped a lot when I had trouble sleeping but the new one... My breathing was slower, more relaxed. I could feel myself going deeper listening to each command... I was nearly in tears when I realized how tense/stressed I'd become without even realizing it.

I always feel every new download is my favorite after listening to it the first time, "Cwtch at the Beach" definitely gave me what I NEEDED and WANTED and will always be a favorite.

Thank you!

Name: Maryjo
Sent: 10/24/2013 05:59:02 am

"Can't Wait" was incredible. I'm still shaking after losing count. Pace was spot on. In the future I'm going to put down a water-proof pad, then a towel.

Holy Cow! More back biting and nipple squeezing, please. Maybe a bunch more of "my hands are your hands". Sizzling!!!

I was going to listen to "Take a Shower With Me" tonight, but I think it might be too much for my system. In the morning, if I can move.

Now, I need to rehydrate.

Name: Matthew
Sent: 10/24/2013 05:58:23 am


So i had some ideas that i think could sell quite well, if you were to do them in the audiobook format.
.....Transexual, Even i have noticed the rise of videos related to trannies, shemales etc etc all over the place, i myself find some of the pronatars to be very attractive. There is something hidden about them that makes sexy.
......Threesome, Pretty self explainatory, can see a niche here.
.......Bi-sexual threesome, same as the above, but like me, alot of guys are strating to orientate towards being bi-sexual, and like your Gay Lovers audiobooks, done with sensuality, it would be quite erotic and sexy.
Taboo subjects.......So just the basic ones, maybe? like porn, how they do teacher and student or mom and daughters boyfriend etc.
Gay...... now, i know you have these already, but just a suggestion, i am not attracted to men full stop, but if a guy was very warm kind, and wanted something more, and i felt safe then i wouldn't hesitate. Your stories need more "first time experience" like im nervous when listening to something like this, so it would be sensual and more realistic if the speaker would reassure the listener that" everything is okay" also, i havent heard all of your gay lovers work, but a hugh turn on is actually wanting to explore the speakers body, giving them delight, whether through blowjob etc.

Actually even in your hetrosexual impossible lovers for men, this could work where by the listener can visual going downtown on the speaker, fondle and caress your skin, also anal would be a good addition as well.

Anyway, i love your work, i really have found what turns me on, i orgasm so much harder when i have to imagine and visualise the speaker, rather then porn on the internet which leaves nothing to be desired, it has also allowed me to be bi-curious and explore my sexuality. Thank you and good luck for the future.

Name: Lisa
Sent: 10/24/2013 04:27:31 am

I just finished listening to your civil war dev and wanted to share my experience. I found the voice to be very easy on the ears and I found myself immersed in the scene being described. The experience was very erotic and was like nothing I have tried before.

I am definitely going to try more of your titles.

I was curious as to how long it takes to write and record a session like this? Also, do you have anything else in the works?

I tried to purchase the strip club title, as it has a buy button, but it takes me to a page that says the audio is still in production. I am not sure if this is a glitch or not.



Name: Cindy L.
Sent: 10/24/2013 02:03:08 am

I have to say, these orgasm's are better than any I have had from a real man before. I'm afraid I will not want a real man if I keep listening to them

Thanks for keeping a lonely girl company!

Name: Tim
Sent: 10/24/2013 01:59:48 am

I really enjoyed Splash! The first time I have been "squirted" on and I loved every wet second of it! Please keep them!!!!
Name: Janice
Sent: 10/24/2013 01:56:09 am

Great audio files. I really enjoy them all. Can't wait for your next release...and mine as well!
Name: Janice
Sent: 10/24/2013 01:55:00 am

Great audio files. I really enjoy them all. Can't wait for your next release...and mine as well!
Name: Essemoh
Sent: 10/14/2013 01:14:41 am

Hello Bob

You should take a look at our Couples in Touch series. Only one so far, Intimacy, where we have done just that, I instruct the female and Jezebel instructs the male of the couple using dual L & R audio. We struck a few technical problems with, their system sort of gets in the way and only the highest resolution works. We have several others in that series that are planned for release in MP3 format on our eSensual Books site that works fine.

We are definitely going to consider something along the lines you suggest.

Please convey my warmest regards to your good lady I hope she continues her work outs!

All the best


Name: Bob
Sent: 10/10/2013 02:33:15 am

Thanks for the quick response Essemoh.

I just got home from work to find my wife lying exhausted on the bed with her new headphones on. She just finished listening to both the Vampire Sex audio and the Can't Wait as well. She told me she has never been so utterly exhausted and relaxed and felt like she would after running a marathon!

If you found my proposal intriguing, here is an even more exciting least to us...A cuckold theme with the same exact story but done in duplicate, with one DEV done for the husband's perspective and the other done from the wife's perspective, whereby both could share the same experience at the same time but the male would be controlled by you to see you taking his wife and told what to do and the wife in her DEV would feel you taking her and see the husband being made to watch and perform whatever you told him to do.... I don't know how much work that would involve, but I think the results could be incredible for couples like us.

Take care and keep up the great work. My wife can't wait for your new work!!!