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Directed Erotic
The hot pelting rain of the shower is like needles on your sensitive skin, his hands slipping over your body like a feather, the tiny bubbles popping and tickling your skin. Your need is urgent. You cannot get enough of him and the passion between you explodes once again Coming Together: Among the Stars a charity anthology in aid of Stills disease - read my story 'Gyozo's Mate' A collection of 13 stories; someone finds a riding crop that has been left in public, bearing a message asking them to use it to explore their BDSM desires before detailing their exploits in an email to an anonymous account, then passing on the crop so the pleasure can begin all over again… Including my story The Adventure of the Empty Box - from The Lost Chronicles of Sherlock Holmes Carnal Machines IPPY Gold award winning anthology Available now  for Pre-Order

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I am Essemoh Teepee (smotp). If you came here to find out more about Erotic and Sensual Hypnosis and the technique I developed called Directed Erotic Visualisation (c), click on the button above to take you to my Specialist Audio site at There you can find more information and FREE audio downloads.  

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