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ILF MEN Volume 1 - Click for more

DEV for Men

Doing It to you - Click for info

DEV for Men with ED/Genital injuries and of interest to Transmen

Bondage of the heart - Click for more
Family # 1 - Click for more
ILF Women Volume 1 - Click for more

DEV for Women

Couples Intimacy Click for info

DEV for Couples

Black Knight # 1 - Click for more
Loel's Choice - Click for more
Impossible Gay Lovers Volume 1 - Click for more

DEV for Gay and Bi-curious Men


DEV for De-stressing

ILL I Know What U Want Audio Cover

DEV for Lesbian and Bi-curious Women

Triple X Audios click for info

Naughty DEV!


Black Knight # 2 - Click for more Black Knight # 3 - Click for more
KATT - Click for more
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Hauntingly Familiar a DEV experience for Men

Hauntingly Familiar is a brand new DEV audio for Men by Jezebel FREE to download just for Halloween. She comes to you and grows more real as your desire for her grows,  a win- win situation. Right Click on the image of your ghostly lover and select the download to your computer option to save this deliciously wicked experience.

A Vampire experience for Women

Vampires are always a fascination; the overwhelming power, the total surrender, the agony and oh that supreme ecstasy! Where The Vampires Are is a FREE release, for a limited time only, of the popular Vampire DEV experience. Right Click on the image of your Vampire desire and select the download to your computer option and enjoy the experience  of surrender to the inevitable

D.E.V. Puts you into the heart of the experience


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Available from Audible .com NOW - let me soothe you to pleasure...
Watch Me! for MEN - available NOW! see something very special
Cream of the Crop: Disciplined sex. what would you do with  a riding crop?
Including my story The Adventure of the Empty Box - from The Lost Chronicles of Sherlock Holmes

E-book available from Renaissance E-books HERE

Carnal Machines IPPY Gold award winning anthology

Audio Compilations available at Audible HERE